Thankful for God’s Word…

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This post is going to be a little bit different. I was thinking of what to write for my Bible in 90 Days ~ Week 5 ~ post, while at the same time counting my blessings for Multitude Monday, while at the same time enjoying a quiet morning at home alone.

I stayed home from church this morning. All by myself. :) Ahhhh…don’t get me wrong, I love my church. I love worshiping with a body of believers. I love the fellowship. I believe in small groups and the power of encouragement.

But, sometimes, this introvert just needs a little bit of quiet. I can always tell when it’s been a few weeks without this quiet time. I need it. I don’t mean “quiet time” with the Lord, I pray and read God’s word daily because I need it so desperately. But, I just mean quiet. No screaming, fighting, Wii, running and stomping through the house…

Sometimes I just need a break. And that’s ok, I think. I’ve come to accept that about myself. (hopefully my hubby has too!! ha!)

So this morning as I stayed home I spent a long while sitting on my bed with my Bible, my prayer books and my notebook. I opened my Bible and just read and prayed outloud to God. I said Psalm 91 to Him…and for me.

I hungrily devoured the Words of God…the very Bread of Life that sustains me. I drank from the River of Life…the Fountain of Joy…

And I am refreshed. I am at peace. I am filled with joy. I woke up with feelings of despair, but He has filled me with Himself and given me hope.

For all of this, I give thanks.

His Word…alive and breathing into my soul.

His voice…that I can hear so clearly through His Word.

His peace…that He gives with Himself.

His love…that envelops my heart as I reach out to Him.

Bible in 90 Days readers and prayer warriors!!

prayer books that speak my heart when I have no words…

talking to God about my struggles

giving Him my heart. again and again.

those noisy children, without whom life would be WAY too quiet! :)

the noise that makes me appreciate the quiet even more

the moments of despair that make me appreciate the joy

the love of my Savior, nothing like it

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  • Debbie

    Candace- I am doing the same thing…staying home from church. I am sick, but still enjoying the quiet time to read the Bible and pray. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me!

  • Cherry

    Visiting from A Holy Experience … I enjoyed reading your thankful list … beautiful! And glad you could have some extended quiet moments … I am someone who loves those times, as well.

  • Debbie Dillon

    Hello there – I’m also visiting from A Holy Experience. What a beautiful list – I do hope you’ll be encouraged this week and enjoy the quiet moments. Be Blessed today :)