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Real-Life Homeschooling #2

{This post may contain affiliate links of items that I personally have used and loved. Thank you for your support of this blog and our family by purchasing through our links.}

This is a new series here on my blog. I’m very excited about it. And a little bit afraid. You see, I keep reading online and hearing from other moms about how homeschooling families must be different…they must be brilliant, the homeschool mom must have all this patience, the homeschool mom must be uber-organized…and on and on.

I’m here today {with this new series} to tell you the truth.

Case and point #2: the picture above is our trash bag from the van. 

So, we’ve been on a more strict budget since January 1st. I’ve been doing so well.
We’re trying to eat healthier and more frugally.
Meal planning is helping greatly with suppers.
But, there are days that the van trash bag looks like this.
Yes, I’m embarrassed to post this picture…

But, I am posting because even though I post about how great our budget is going, even though we are *trying* to eat better, we still have days/weeks where we are in the van more than I’d like to be and I don’t have my act together enough to get lunch ready before we leave…and we end up eating Krispy Kreme donuts when I stop to get gas. GASP.

This week I will do better. :)

This homeschool mom {and so many others like me} don’t have our acts together. We aren’t as patient with our kids as we need to be, we don’t have the organizational skills of Martha Stewart. In fact, most days my husband comes home and I tell him that I just can’t do this another day.

And most of all, we are in desperate need of His new mercies…every day, every morning…every single moment. 

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Guest Posters wanted:  the response to this post has been so great. ya’ll are great. :) SO, I’m going to open up this series for GUEST POSTERS!! If you are a homeschooler and want to contribute your own “real like homeschooling” post, please email me with your post! I would like to have a picture to go with it. And if you have a blog, I will link back to you! :) If you want to “grab” the picture in the top of this post, I will let you know when your post will go live and you can use this graphic as a teaser and point people here to read! I really think these will be encouraging to all of us as homeschooling mamas! I hope to share one post per week on this series!! 


February Meal Plan

{This post may contain affiliate links of items that I personally have used and loved. Thank you for your support of this blog and our family by purchasing through our links.}

Since January’s post was enjoyed by several of you, here are my February meal plans! And, this helps hold me accountable to it also!! :) We saved quite a bit of money in January and this meal plan helped tremendously!! {post coming later this week on all we are doing to be more frugal!! yipee!)

So, you will notice 2 weekends in a row where I’m out of town. This is so rare! But there aren’t as many meals listed this month because of it. Dear hubs said they would eat hot dogs and grilled cheese while I’m gone. :)

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February Meals
1 – out of town (just me)
2 – out of town
3 – out of town
4 – salmon patties & roasted broccoli
5 – chili
6 –
7 – Hannah’s birthday – ??
8 – out of town (me & girls)
9 – out of town
10 – out of town
11 – Pizzadillas – don’t these look fun!!
12 – Sausage and White Bean Soup
15 – Baked Spaghetti
16 – Breakfast
18 – Pasta with Zucchini, Tomatoes & Creamy Lemon Sauce
19 – Crockpot Black Beans & Rice (maybe with tortillas)
21 – Taco Bake
22 – Creamy Chicken Enchiladas
23 – Hamburgers – grilled if possible
25 –  Potato Soup
26 – Taco Chicken Bowls over rice
28 – Breakfast