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faith and gratitude go together

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faith mountain
I have been pondering my word of the year lately. Faith. And I started pinning faith quotes. There are some great ones! Then I came across this necklace. I love it. But, I love even more what it means…
Pondering and wondering and praying that someday those that knew me will say that I was a woman of faith. But, what evidence do I see in my own life that I do live by faith? Can others see my faith? I pray regularly that God would increase my faith. And I think He is. But, do others see that? Is my faith living and growing and showing the world my Jesus?
As odd as it sounds, I think faith and gratitude have a lot to do with each other. I think the more I focus on all the GIFTS that God has GIVEN, the more my FAITH is boosted!! When I see how FAITHFUL He has been in the past in my own life, my faith grows!! Isn’t God amazing like that?!?!
“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.” ~ John Milton, from Ann Voskamp’s God in the Moment daily calendar.

much to be thankful for…bestowing reverence, encountering everyday epiphanies, growing my faith…


watching robins bathe in backyard puddles

mexican with cousins

birthday parties for family

saturday morning walks with my family

reading Kisses from Katie with my kids

a clean house, mowed lawn & laundry done. all at the same time. feels good! :)

school plans

a lazy Saturday around the house

a cup of coffee and reading in the quiet mornings

a nice, neat, decluttered and re-arranged school room as we start our new year! (pics to come!)

discussing Gal. 5 with our small group. good stuff.

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By Faith, Not By Sight

{This post may contain affiliate links of items that I personally have used and loved. Thank you for your support of this blog and our family by purchasing through our links.}


By Faith, Not By Sight is an autobiographical book about the life of Scott MacIntyre. A few seasons ago I watched as Scott performed on American Idol and was very impressed with him. However, after reading this book, I have even more respect and admiration for he and his family.
Scott MacIntyre was born blind. But that never stopped him from doing anything. And it never stopped his parents from giving him a very rich and full childhood. As a homeschooler, I absolutely LOVED that his mother decided to homeschool because she knew she could give Scott a wonderful education knowing him better than anyone – his needs, his abilities, and his God-given personality. Scott’s mother, after reading this book, inspired me not only as a mother with a special needs child, but as a homeschooler. She inspired me to teach each of my children to their unique abilities and personalities. I loved this glimpse into their lives.
Another reason I loved this book is the huge focus on FAITH. Since faith is my word and focus this year, I was very encouraged by Scott’s lack of FEAR and the fact that he never focused on what he could not do but focused on the abilities God had given him. I love that his parents taught him things that every other child would learn and that he continued that determination on into his adult life.
This book inspired me. This book encouraged me in my faith. This book challenged me as a homeschool mom. This book encouraged me as a musician. I am not a parent of a child with a disability, but I really think this book would be a huge encouragement to those parents as well!!
What a gift Scott MacIntyre was given. And what a gift this book is to those of us who need a little encouragement to live bold lives of faith despite our weaknesses.
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