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Multitude of Blessings

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In everything…give thanks!
a leaf fort built with daddy
196. beautiful, unseasonably warm weather for November!
197. yummy, pumpkin dessert
198. the anticipation of the holidays (my favorite time of year)
199. finding a wonderful (and free) poetry unit from HSS, Hannah has been asking lots of questions about poetry, so I decided to dig in a little deeper with her
200. girls asking for more school
201. cute little boy asking to do his phonics page
202. pulling out favorite holiday books
203. realizing we’ve had lots of good days the past few weeks
204. chicken pot pie on a cool evening
205. running errands with my kids and not getting stressed
206. Christmas shopping
207. finding the perfect gift for a loved one
208. hearing the kids giggle and squeal as they run and jump in the leaves
209. a spontaneous dinner out while the kids were at a birthday party
210. feeling good enough to actually attempt exercise again :)
211. having school plans for the week ready to go!
212. making plans to put up the Christmas tree
213. Christmas music
214. helping my children to understand why we celebrate
215. but also the joy in giving my children gifts they will enjoy…I realize this is just a glimpse of how God feels when He gives me these beautiful fall leaves to look at and enjoy.