American History: The Underground Railroad

In our American History studies we have gotten to the time period of slavery. This has been difficult…to read about, to remember, to teach my children the way people were treated, to hear their innocent questions. But, it’s necessary. It’s a part of our history. As hard as it’s been, I’m thankful for the opportunity … Continue reading “American History: The Underground Railroad”

American History: Ben Franklin

I need to catch up on sharing our american history happenings. 🙂 In December, for our group time together, we focused on Benjamin Franklin. (We meet with 2 other families weekly for science and history.) First, we brainstormed on the white board: what do you know/remember about Ben Franklin? I was impressed with how much … Continue reading “American History: Ben Franklin”

Abraham’s Journey {book review}

I was happy to receive a book that we could use in our American History studies this year! We received the book, Abraham’s Journey, from a company called Inspiring the American Dream. As you may remember, we are in our 2nd year of American History in our regular school schedule, so this came at the … Continue reading “Abraham’s Journey {book review}”

Thomas Edison

The next character in our american history course that we are learning about is Thomas Edison!! He is quite a remarkable man to study! I have learned so much!! I have also realized that we haven’t learned much about electricity and would like to study that further with the kids also! Learning always leads to … Continue reading “Thomas Edison”