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American History: Ben Franklin

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I need to catch up on sharing our american history happenings. In December, for our group time together, we focused on Benjamin Franklin. (We meet with 2 other families weekly for science and history.) First, we brainstormed on the white board: what do you know/remember about Ben Franklin? I was impressed with how much these […]

Gratitude: a small thing?

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Why is it when we discuss having a thankful heart people’s eyes glaze over? It seems like such a simple thing. And maybe the beauty of gratitude is that it is simple. Maybe the fact that such a simple thing can completely change our lives is why we miss it so often. I don’t know […]

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Thomas Edison

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The next character in our american history course that we are learning about is Thomas Edison!! He is quite a remarkable man to study! I have learned so much!! I have also realized that we haven’t learned much about electricity and would like to study that further with the kids also! Learning always leads to […]

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Our little co-op this year!

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You may remember that last year, our little co-op of 3 families, met weekly and did American History together, Apologia’s Astronomy and a little bit of Spanish! Well, I am thrilled to have this opportunity again because honestly, this has probably been one of the best, if not the best thing about our homeschooling year […]