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American History: The Underground Railroad

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In our American History studies we have gotten to the time period of slavery. This has been difficult…to read about, to remember, to teach my children the way people were treated, to hear their innocent questions. But, it’s necessary. It’s a part of our history. As hard as it’s been, I’m thankful for the opportunity to teach my children about the history of our country.
We have used many resources in teaching about slavery, the underground railroad and the abolitionist movement.
One of my favorite books we’ve read is Follow the Drinking Gourd, a Five in a Row title. We also watched the Reading Rainbow episode about this book which was wonderful!!

Another great title that Linda shared at our weekly group time was called Henry’s Box. Get your kleenex ready for this one. :) What a great story!!

This summer we will be continuing our history journey by spending the summer reading Little House on the Prairie books and learning about “going west” a little bit. We will start our new year in the fall with our little co-op with the Civil War.

American History: Ben Franklin

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I need to catch up on sharing our american history happenings. :)
In December, for our group time together, we focused on Benjamin Franklin. (We meet with 2 other families weekly for science and history.)
First, we brainstormed on the white board: what do you know/remember about Ben Franklin? I was impressed with how much these kids knew!

Then, we got to work on our own almanacs.

poor richard almanac lesson plan

I let the kids have a little bit of “creative freedom” with this project. After we listed the items on the board that they remembered, I told them to choose a few to illustrate in their almanacs! They did a great job with this!
I just put out colored paper, markers, scissors, glue and tape and let them get to work!
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Gratitude: a small thing?

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Why is it when we discuss having a thankful heart people’s eyes glaze over? It seems like such a simple thing. And maybe the beauty of gratitude is that it is simple. Maybe the fact that such a simple thing can completely change our lives is why we miss it so often. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to miss it. The small joys. The everyday moments. But, so often…I admit, I do!!

So, for today, another week…I’m counting these small gifts, these everyday joys…and giving thanks to the ONE who gives so freely.

a new pastor for our church ~ so, so many answered prayers in this short statement!!

an awesome sermon

such a sweet time of worship for the last week in our “old” sanctuary

a beautiful new building to be moving into next week

small group discussions

american history – I have learned SO much with my kids these past 2 years. I’m a little sad to see it end!!

the end of a long week (hey! i found a reason to be thankful for last week! ha!)

getting VERY excited about Teach Them Diligently, Nashville, in a few weeks!!

our chickens ~ I just love having them!!

SPRING is here!!

blooming, everywhere

freshly mowed grass

lots of kids jumping on the trampoline

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Abraham’s Journey {book review}

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I was happy to receive a book that we could use in our American History studies this year! We received the book, Abraham’s Journey, from a company called Inspiring the American Dream. As you may remember, we are in our 2nd year of American History in our regular school schedule, so this came at the perfect time for us!!


You can purchase this book here for $14.99, which I happen to think is a bit steep for a soft cover, children’s book.  But, many people might find the cost worth it for a story of this nature. I don’t think there are many books for elementary aged children that are like this book, it’s very unique and some might be very interested in having their children read it! My kids are in elementary grades and this book seemed appropriate for each of them.

Book Summary: 
This story begins with a young boy, named Abraham, whose parents have lost their jobs. They are telling him that he won’t be receiving many gifts for Christmas…so little Abraham decides to do something on his own to help his family have Christmas! 

The boy begins texting friends looking for odd jobs when an “old man” appears on his screen…it’s Abraham Lincoln, inspiring him to find his special talents – that we all have – and work his way to the American Dream. Along his journey, he meets other famous Americans such as Martin Luther King Jr, Amelia Earhart, Bill Gates and more. 

The book encourages Abraham by helping him to find his gifts – which happen to be painting for this boy. They help him to learn how to market his artwork and sell it, thus providing the American Dream for he and his family. 

My Thoughts: 
I think this story could be very inspirational for children in that I believe God has created EACH of us with special GIFTS and TALENTS in this life! I want (and pray) often that as a parent I can help my children and inspire them to find their gifts.

However, where I disagree with this story a bit is the goal of finding our gifts and talents for earning money and living the American Dream. I do want my children to be responsible and hard workers and earn a living someday. However, I want them to use their gifts and talents to bring glory to the Lord and not learn/use them for the sole purpose of the “American Dream.”

I also have such a heart for missions, having traveled to several 3rd world countries and I can’t help but be a little uneasy about teaching my children to live the American Dream. I am a little uneasy with that title to begin with.  As believers we are called to be in this world but not of it. I know that our country is a wonderful place to live, but I don’t believe we can live our lives for the betterment of only our families…seeking to have MORE, make MORE, earn MORE, accumulate MORE…which seems to be how most of our country lives.

This book does end with the family doing a service act together, which I was very thankful for.

I want my kids to grow up with a heart for others, with a heart for the needy around us and around the world, I want my kids to grow up with a genuine love for being generous. We all, as parents, have to search out ways to teach these things to our kids. Ultimately, I believe we have to live a life of generosity in front of our kids and that will be what teaches them the most.

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