Praying the Psalms {day 30}

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Today I want to share with you some practical ideas that God has used to grow my prayer life. I hope some of these ideas are helpful for YOU. You may also have ideas that would be helpful to others!! Please share your ideas in the comments, or if you have a blog, LINK UP with us on the bottom of this post and we can all glean from each other!!

Here are my favorite practical prayer helps! Please, please, PLEASE do not get the idea that I do each of these daily. :) These are all ideas I have used (and loved) in the past…but I do different things in different seasons…whatever fits with my family life, where I am in my walk with God, how much time I have, etc. I don’t ever do more than 1 of these at a time!! These are just tools that help. Don’t make the tools the god, ya know?

1. Tabbed prayer journals – I think these are neat because I wrote out prayers and verses for the special people in my life – I had a tab for David, each child, my church, our pastors, missions, neighbors, etc. Won’t it be amazing for my kids to look back at prayers I have prayed for them? I hope so!!
2. Index cards – this spiral has verses on it that I usually am working towards memorizing. This is probably my MOST used “tool” for prayer. I love to take this little spiral on my walks! I recite scripture and PRAY the scriptures as I get my exercise!!
3. Books – my other favorite and most used tool. If you’ve read my blog for long, you know I read a lot.  Prayer books and guides have enhanced my life so very much. I’m so grateful for the words of other believers and saints around the world who have gone before me…and who have oftentimes a better way with words, and speak words into my heartfelt prayers.
My favorite books on prayer, many of which I’ve mentioned in this series:
4. Typed up verses on cards – these are cards that I want to put MORE onto than I want to write on an index card. I keep the cards together with the metal craft rings. I had a card for each of my children with specific verses typed up for each of them.
5. Creative Journaling – another more recent favorite! I have a post written about this here, and I love, LOVE journaling the scriptures I am praying!!
6. Thankful journal – I try to always start my prayer time off with gratitude. (the picture above is one of my kids journals!) This focuses my heart on GOD and takes my eyes off of myself. I keep a gift list on my blog, that was inspired by Ann Voskamp, her blog and her book. I also have my kids keep thankful journals. These are PRECIOUS to look back on!! If you have kids, start now!!
7. Daily tabbed journal – this is another way to keep prayer requests organized. I have often struggled with SO many people I want to pray for and not being physically able to pray for each of them daily. So, I wrote out different things I would pray for each day – I’m sure you’ve seen this idea before. Sunday I prayed for my church. Monday I prayed for my marriage and husband. Etc.
8. These yellow cards were my spiritual warfare verses that I took on planes to mission trips. :) I have used them in other settings too…and they immediately calm my fears when I start to pray and read and meditate on these truths.
9. Picture cards that I made for my kids – I mentioned these in my series on praying for our kids last year – some people really like the idea of the VISUAL as you pray. I have taken these cards on the treadmill before and just kept the faces looking at me as I prayed for them. :) sweet moments.
AND…#10 – NOT PICTURED, but the best tool of all!! :)
10. JUST DO IT. JUST PRAY. Don’t focus on having the perfect tools. Don’t worry about not having the right words. Don’t worry that your heart is in the wrong place. Don’t fret about not doing it right. JUST PRAY. Honestly, the more I pray, the more I want to pray. 

And that has only come with time. And prayer.

So…these are my favorite tools for prayer — WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITES?? Please share in the comments or by linking up with a specific blog post (or 2) that you have written about prayer!! Let’s encourage one another to get on our knees!!

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  • Lindsey

    I bought “Common Prayer” by Claiborne not too long ago. It has been such a blessing in my life. I love the daily focus line and I love learning about people of faith throughout the years.

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